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Christina Rohde

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Christina Rohde – Scandinavian style and quality

Christina Rohde clothing was established in 1991 and got known as a pioneer of offering Scandinavian style and quality in children’s clothing.

Christina Rohde’s clothes is known for mixing patterns, textures, stripes, and flowers in materials of high quality and their child friendly designs. With Christina Rohde you’re guaranteed well thought out styles.

Christina Rohde clothing is about children’s movement, ensuring that they can run, jump, and most importantly have fun.


Enter the fairy-tale world with Christina Rohde

In regards to choice of materials, colors, and fit, every style in Christina Rohde’s range is well thought out. Children need to be children and be allowed to play and have fun, without mom having to worry about whether the clothes are durable enough to deal with wind, weather, and play. This is what Christina Rohde’s clothing can, even if you might not think it when looking at their soft, delicate materials and the feminine prints, where especially the characteristic floral print in Liberty is prominent.

Christina Rohde has a vision of mixing patterns and textures, ensuring that nothing is off limits in Christina Rohde’s fairy-tale world. The girly styles are in the spotlight but you can also find neutral unisex styles, that can be worn by both girls and boys. This can also add an edge of toughness to the more feminine items. Clothes from Christina Rohde can be styled and done up, to fit everyday use or parties. Which is why you can order fewer styles, and keep your child’s wardrobe manageable and in line with minimalism's principals where everything is used, and there is order rather than chaos in the wardrobe.

It makes the hectic mornings easier, when there is order and you don’t have to rummage through the closet to find the one item of clothing that your child wants to wear that day.


Christina Rohde at

Buy Christina Rohde right here on our online shop, get delivery from 13,29 € and look forward to a quick delivery, we try to pack orders the day we receive them to help the items get to their new home as quick as possible. This way you can get new clothes for the kids even if you’re doing some last minute shopping before the birthday, Christmas party, or another special occasion. You can for example choose a beautiful dress or skirt, and combine it with a jacket or a cool sweatshirt depending on what look you’re going for.

Christina Rohde makes everyday a party for both the younger and older children, the clothes allows for lots of movement and comfort that is sure to give your child the perfect conditions to really let loose and play all day. The clothes is very durable and can be washed if it has gotten dirty while your child was playing. The prices are also really affordable, but if you like to gamble you can always wait it out and take your chances with our seasonal Christina Rohde sale, where we, a couple of times a year, clear out our storage and mark down many of the brands popular items. Take a look around at our large selection. We are sure that you will find something that would be a great match for your child.

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