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At Luksusbaby we’re totally excited by our products from GoBabyGo

GoBabyGo products allow your baby to improve their motor skills in a fun way without hurting themselves. These include non-slip socks, knee pads, and crawling leggings with grippy rubber pads built into the knees.
GoBabyGo is a Danish brand and our products are made in a soft cotton fabric allowing your child to move easily.  Studies show that developing good motor skills early on in life give your child a great start both socially and academically, benefitting them throughout their childhood.  In short – do your child a favour and dress them in products from GoBabyGo.

GoBabyGo lets your child learn to crawl safely

There’s so much for little ones to learn!  Learning to crawl for the first time or taking first steps can be difficult.  If you want to make it easier for your child to make their first independent moves, GoBabyGo clothes are a great addition to any baby’s wardrobe.
GoBabyGo leggings and stockings are like socks and tights, providing quality and comfort to give your child the confidence to make their first moves – standing, walking, running and playing – all wearing GoBabyGo.
With anti-slip rubber pads built into their knee-pads, mittens, stockings and leggings, you give your child the best chance to improve their motor skills as they learn to explore.  At Luksusbaby we cannot recommend highly enough the Danish GoBabyGo products which are helping children worldwide to develop socially and academically with clothing that invites them to crawl and explore their body’s movement.

GoBabyGo products fit well with everyday clothes

With GoBabyGo you get clothes and accessories that are ideal for the growth stages where movement is primarily achieved from pushing with the knees on the floor, whereas other clothes are quickly worn through at this stage.
GoBabyGo clothes last day after day while your child is independently learning to explore their world on their hands and knees.  You don’t need to worry about worn out knees on these clothes.

Buy GoBabyGo online at Luksusbaby

You will find a wide range of GoBabyGo products online here at Luksusbaby, where we offer delightfully fashionable children’s clothes for boys and girls.  Combine socks and tights from GoBabyGo with dresses, tops and trousers from our other brands, and order your favourites to be delivered quickly to your home no matter where you live, from Luksusbaby today!  Luksusbaby offers WORLDWIDE SHIPPING with delivery costs from €6.95.

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