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Joha Wool/Silk Navy Helmet

  • 16,95EUR
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  • 85% Wool, 15% Silk
  • Remember to follow washing- and user instructions

Joha Wool/Silk Navy Hat - Classic Elegance and Natural Warmth

Indulge yourself or your loved one with the Joha Wool/Silk Navy Hat. This navy blue hat is a beautiful embodiment of classic elegance and natural warmth, suitable for any style and occasion.

Crafted from a luxurious blend of wool and silk, this hat offers an incredibly soft and smooth feel. The wool helps to keep you warm in cold weather conditions, while the silk adds a touch of luxury and comfort.

The Joha Wool/Silk Navy Hat is not just practical; it's also stylish. The deep navy blue color adds a timeless and sophisticated touch to your outfit. Whether you're out on outdoor adventures or simply trying to stay warm in winter's chill, this hat is the perfect companion.

Designed with comfort and fit in mind, the hat covers your ears and forehead to protect you from cold winds, and it stays securely in place thanks to the elastic edge.

Treat yourself or someone you care about to the Joha Wool/Silk Navy Hat and enjoy the natural luxury and warmth it brings. Regardless of the season, you'll feel both elegant and protected.

Order your Joha Wool/Silk Navy Hat today and embrace the comfort and beauty of this stylish hat.

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