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Konges Sløjd Milestones Card Multi

  • In stock 
  • 30,84EUR

Konges Sløjd Milestones Cards Multi NOOS - Capture the Important Moments

Konges Sløjd Milestones Cards Multi NOOS is the perfect way to capture the important milestones in your baby's life in a beautiful and memorable manner. These cards are designed with moments like "First Smile," "First Steps," and "First Tooth" in mind, allowing you to create treasure troves of memories.

Here are some highlights of Konges Sløjd Milestones Cards Multi NOOS:

  1. Beautiful Illustrations: Each card is adorned with beautiful illustrations and handwritten script, adding a charming and personal touch to the moment.

  2. First-Time Moments: The cards feature essential first-time moments that you'll want to cherish forever, including the first time your baby rolled over, crawled, and many more.

  3. Perfect for Photos: Use the cards as props to capture stunning photos of your baby experiencing these unforgettable moments.

  4. Durable and Compact: The cards are durable and are the perfect size to take with you wherever you go, ensuring that you can capture memories no matter where you are.

Konges Sløjd Milestones Cards Multi NOOS is a heartwarming way to document and share your baby's growth journey. Give yourself the opportunity to preserve and share the most beautiful moments with these lovely milestone cards from Konges Sløjd.

  • 14x10x6 cm
  • 100% FSC certified paper
  • 42 cards
  • "my mom squeezed me like a lemon"
  • "my little cute hand, my tiny feet"
  • "see me walking"
  • "welcome to my tooth"
  • "I am rolling"
  • "crawling along"
  • " my first haircut"
  • "standing strong"
  • "lets have a splash"
  • "Jubii I can sit"
  • "sleep tight all night"
  • "bla bla bla"
  • "my first christmas"
  • tell me about my forst experiences"
  • "how I spend my first birthday"
  • tell me about the day I was born"
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