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Leander - All the care in the world

That is the motto of Leander, and at Luksusbaby, we are truly happy to carry products from this amazing brand. The story of Leander began in 1998, and the idea started because of a set twins - just like here at Luksusbaby. The purpose of Leander, is to create furniture that inspires and stimulates movement, play and creativity. The furniture helps develop children, and the fact that the furniture has to fit the child and never the other way around is an essential part of the Leander philosophy.


Bedtime with Leander - from crib to junior bed

The beds from Leander are beautiful and practical at the same time. The bed is elegant and simplistic, and can be found in many colors like white, brown and grey. And most importantly, the bed is designed to provide comfort for the baby or child.

In addition to this, the bed is made to adapt to the child’s age. It can be transformed from a crib to a junior bed. Your child can therefore use the bed for many years, and it can handed down to siblings and create a great story.

The Leander bed is completed with a mattress also from Leander that is amazingly comfortable. The mattress has vertical air channels that contributes to making the mattress even more breathable and gives great ventilation. In addition to this, the mattress is produced with pressure relieving foam, and the natural fibers ensures a dry sleeping environment. With the mattress from Leander, you can make sure that your little bundle of joy will get a good and comfortable nights sleep.


Make changing time something special with Leander

Some of the most important baby equipment to have is a great changing pad. It is important that your kids is comfortable, and that is a crucial focus point for Leander. The Leander changing pad is great and practical. Matty Changing pad is made in many beautiful colors so you can find your favorite for your little luxury child. Leander changing pad is produced in a soft foam material that is comfortable to be on.

The Leander changing pad is not just beautiful and nice to look at - but also very practical. The surface is made of a waterproof material that makes sure that fluids don’t ruin the changing pad. In addition to this, the changing pad has high tapering sides that makes sure you child wont roll off the changing pad but will remain comfortable and safe on the changing pad.

If you want changing time to be even more comfortable for the little one, then the top from Leander is perfect. With the top on the changing pad, your child will be very comfortable when you change the diaper. The top has an extra function as a towel after a lovely bath. Take a look here at, and find your favorite right away.


Get your Leander favorite right away!

At Luksusbaby, we priorities the best brands on our website, so you can make sure your children have the very best conditions. You can always count on the fastest delivery within a few weekdays, depending on your country. Read more about our worldwide delivery here.

It is important for us, that our customers are happy and satisfied with our service and their products, so if you may have any questions regarding products, shipping or the like, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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