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Nailmatic – Nail polish for children

Children have always love to look like their parents and other adults. For example by trying on their clothes, but especially girls love to dress up like mommy. With Nailmatic you can give your little girl a taste of what it is like to be a woman in a healthy way.
Nailmatic produces healthy and non-harmful nail polish for children. It can quickly be washed away using just water and soap. Nailmatic is a water based nail polish. This means that your girl can quickly drop out of the grown-up’s world, when she has had enough.

Healthy nail polish from Nailmatic

Because the products from Nailmatic is made for children, the materials used are not harmful in any way. All of their nail polishes are free from phthalate, PBA and other harmful chemicals. The nail polish appeals to girls in the age of 3 years old and upwards. Putting on nail polish is also a great exercise for eye-hand coordination.
On this page, you will find nail polishes in many colours like yellow, purple, red, blue, green, white and orange. The can be bought separately or in packages with multiple colours.

A beautiful selection of accessories from Luksusbaby

Your hands are never as beautiful as when you have taken care of your nails. You and your child can file your nails together and then finish off by putting on some nail polish from Nailmatic. The many different colours often lead to fun and games, when putting it on. If you like the products from Nailmatic, then you would probably also like our large selection of accessories here at Luksusbaby. This could be a beautiful bow for the girls or a cool hat for the boys. For both genders, you will also find scarfs water bottles and much more.
Remember that we offer day-to-day delivery and free shipping on all orders worth 499kr. or more. If you have any questions for us, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer your questions every day from 7am. To 11pm. Otherwise feel free to send us an email at - We are here for you.
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