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Name it Dark Sapphire Vismas Pajamas

  • 19,00EUR
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  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • Remember to follow the wash and care instructions

Name it Dark Sapphire Vismas Sleepsuit - Quality Sleepwear for a Good Night's Rest!

Give your child the best night's sleep with the Name it Dark Sapphire Vismas Sleepsuit. This sleepsuit is the perfect choice for comfort and style in the bedroom. Here's why this sleepsuit is a must-have:

High Quality: The sleepsuit is made of soft and breathable viscose, providing maximum comfort throughout the night. Your child will feel safe and comfortable in this lovely sleepsuit.

Fantastic Design: The dark sapphire blue color lends a timeless and elegant look to this sleepsuit. The simple yet stylish design makes it suitable for both girls and boys.

Freedom of Movement: The loose fit of the sleepsuit allows for plenty of freedom of movement, ensuring your child can sleep undisturbed and wake up refreshed.

Convenient Zipper: The zipper makes it easy to put on and take off the sleepsuit, which is handy for nighttime bathroom trips.

Long-lasting Durability: Name it is known for its quality, and this sleepsuit is no exception. It's designed to last, even after many washes.

Choose the Name it Dark Sapphire Vismas Sleepsuit to ensure that your child gets the best night's sleep in comfortable and stylish sleepwear. This sleepsuit is ideal for creating coziness and comfort at bedtime and is sure to become a favorite in your family's bedtime routine.

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