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Pyjamas from CamCam, Soft Gallery, Konges Sløjd and more

A good night of sleep starts with comfort. Contrary to popular belief, comfort is not only about a good mattress or blanket. It is also about your child being warm. Many babies tend to kick away their covers during the night. Therefore, they need a pyjama to keep them warm all night long
Here on Luksusbaby you will find both two-piece pyjamas and body suits from popular brands like Soft Gallery, CamCam, Wheat, Konges Sløjd and more. The body suits can also be used as every day outfits for the youngest. It is often easier to just put on a body suit instead of a regular outfit. The two-piece pyjamas can be used every day by the older children that have just got rid of the diaper. This way they can put their cloths on and off by themselves.

Purchase pyjamas for your child online at Luksusbaby

No matter if you like pyjamas with or without print, then you will find the perfect set at Luksusbaby. We guarantee, that our products are ultra-soft and of a great quality that will fit your child nicely and keep it warm. We have pyjamas and body suits for both boys and girls and you can pick between simple colours or prints. They can also be mixed and matches to your liking.
At Luksusbaby we would like to provide the best service – Far beyond what you might know from other web shops or regular stores. We do this by being at your service on our phone and e-mail all day long. This way you can counselling when you need it. Furthermore, we do always have the most popular brands available on our site, so that you only need to shop one place.
We offer day-to-day delivery and free shipping on all orders exceeding 499kr. This is our way to ensure you that you will get the best service, when shopping at Luksusbaby. We look forward to be processing your order and ship it to you at the speed of light.
If you want to make tuck-in time more comfortable for your child, then check out our selection of bedding and baby equipment, where you will find plenty of products like blankets and pacifiers to make the night more pleasant for your child.
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