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Preschool Bags

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Ready, Set, School!

First day at school it is a very special day for kids. To stand with a new school bag, all ready for the new school year to begin is great. It can be difficult to get the right school bag, because it is rare that children and parents see eye to eye. Children might not think of comfort, but want one with a lot of colors and prints. Parents often go in the complete opposite direction - so how will they ever agree? At Luksusbaby, we have a carefully selected range of school bags from brands like Ergobag, Satch and Herschel, that acknowledges both parents and children when it comes to design and comfort.


Comfort And Quality

At Luksusbaby, we find it extremely important that the school bags that we carry are in sky high quality, and ensures the very best comfort for your child. Many of the bags that we carry are inspired by the ergonomic qualities of a trekking bag pack, and are very concerned with the weight distribution go the bags. In addition to this, many of the bags have hip belts that will move the weight of the bag off the shoulders and onto the more stable pelvis area. The bags’ aluminum frames ensure extra stability, and a correct weight distribution. Another plus with many of our school bags is that they can be adjusted in size, so they can be used for many years. It is a win win.


Which School Bag Should I Choose?

If your child needs a lot of room, and not a lot of little separate spaces in the bag, we recommend school bags from Herschel. These bags has plenty of space for books, pencil case, lunchbox, drinking bottle, and even a laptop. Neither children or parents need to worry about whether the children have room enough for all the school supplies. Older children often find these bags very cool.

If your child needs more separate spaces and sky-high comfort, we highly recommend the school bags from Ergobag and Satch. They care a lot about the bags fitting onto the back ergonomically correct, so the children wont hurt their backs. And as if this isn't enough, they have really cool designs that the children most definitely will approve of. Ergobag also offer an all-in-one solution, where you can get a schoolbag with pencil case, schoolbag and gym bag in the same design as a whole set.


Find School Supplies At Luksusbaby

When school start, it is not only school bags that needs to be ready. The pencil case also has to be ready. One of the best things about school starting is to open your brand new and fully stocked pencil case. At Luksusbaby, we have a great selection of pencil cases and writing tools from both Herschel, Satch, Ergobag and Faber-Castell.

Just as with the school bag, your child may have preferences to how this pencil case should look and what it should contain, and that might be difficult for their little heads. At Luksusbaby, we recommend pencil cases from Ergobag, because they contain very necessary items. The children just have to choose which pencil case they like the best.

Luksusbaby Delivers School Supplies Right To You

At Luksusbaby, we priorities the best brands on our website, so you can make sure your children have the very best conditions. If you have found a school bag or any other kind of school supplies - just add it to your basket. You can always count on the fastest delivery within a few weekdays, depending on your country. Read more about our worldwide delivery here.

It is important for us, that our customers are happy and satisfied with our service and their products, so if you may have any questions regarding products, shipping or the like, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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