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Puma - stylish sportswear

If you’re looking for a pair of light trainers for a sporty girl or boy, Puma is a great place to look. Puma is known for its successful way of combining new technology and performance from the sports world with stylish details. The lifestyle company has positioned itself firmly in the fashion world as a brand who can make beautiful shoes that run fast too. So Puma appeals to kids who love being active in shoes that look good too.


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Puma – Forever Faster

As clearly illustrated by the brand's logo – the poised puma – Puma is a company at speed. Puma was founded in Germany in the 1940s, and has been first class in the world of sports, especially in football and running, ever since. Being at the very front has always been a goal for Puma. Now that the company has the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, as an ambassador, this goal has been realised.

In 2014 Puma launched their new slogan: 'Forever faster'. The slogan expresses Puma’s ambition to be at the forefront of the worlds of sport and fashion. And they are! Represented by household names like Usain Bolt and Rihanna, Puma is very much a brand that sports-loving children and young adults will love.

If you have a child who’s full of energy and who needs a new pair of shoes that deliver high speed as well as comfort, Puma is an obvious choice. Here at we have a range of models that come in different looks, letting you find exactly the pair to suit your child's needs.

Sporty children's shoes and trainers

Children’s trainers by Puma are known for their colourful looks, with shoelaces or Velcro for the very young – and the range at is no exception. Here you’ll find models like Puma Suede, a classic shoe that has come back with a vengeance recently. Puma Suede is available in neutral black/white colours or in brighter tones like red, pink and blue. The model is available with double Velcro straps across the foot, making life easier for the children. The white sole follows the foot's movements and is non-slip, so children can run around on wet surfaces safely. Puma Suede comes in sizes 19 to 34, depending on what colour your child prefers. So if your child and you are looking for a classic model, Puma are guaranteed to deliver it.

In the slightly girlier trainer department we suggest Puma Basket Heart Glam – a classic Puma shoe with cool, wide, silk laces for an additional detail. These children's trainers come in black, burgundy and pink. The model is also available as Basket PomPom, where the laces are replaced with chic pompoms.

Puma is just one of the many brands we have in our shoe category, where you will certainly find the shoes that your child is looking for. Once you and your child have found your favourite pair, we’ll take care of quick delivery so you can start using the shoes! Read more about shipping and delivery here.

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