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Sebra Height Measurement Teeny Toes Lilac

  • In stock 
  • 39,00EUR
Decorated with animals and tools from the Teeny Toes theme, the 125 cm long height measure is made from heavyweight 250 gsm paper. It is mounted between two wooden holders and just requires a small nail or screw to hang up.

Have your child stand flat with their back against the height measure and mark their height straight onto it with a marker or sticker. The height measure can be used between the heights of 56 cm to 179 cm. If you mark the age and date, you can follow your child’s growth month by month – year by year – and create a lovely memory.

The height measure comes in a beautiful cylindrical cardboard container that looks great on any gift table, whether it’s for a baby shower, a christening or a first birthday. 

The design is Danish and matches the rest of the Teeny Toes theme.
  • H: 125 W: 20 D: 2
  • 0+
  • 100% art printing paper, 250 g
  • Holder: 100% samak wood
  • Remember to follow the wash and care instructions
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Item no.: 556831
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