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Sophie la Girafe

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Sophie la Girafe

Sophie la Girafe has been making pretty things in the highest quality since 1961. The sweet Sophie the Giraffe teething ring, made of 100% natural rubber and natural plant colours, is a classic that helps children’s sore gums. Luksusbaby strongly supports Sophie la Girafe's boycott of dangerous chemicals in their giraffe teething ring, as children's health is our highest priority. At Sophie la Girafe you get quality for a reasonable price. which is certainly money well spent.

Sophie Giraffe teething toys

Deciding which toy to get your baby first isn’t easy. Let alone as first-time parents, when the jungle of baby equipment can pile up and seem very daunting. What can be dispensed with, and what else is indispensable for the youngest member of the family?

Some of our personal favourites at Luksusbaby are the teething toys by Sophie la Girafe, or just Sophie Giraffe, as the sweet giraffe is called in English. Although the French brand has existed since 1961, it is only in recent years that Danish parents of young children have become aware of the wonderful products for very young children who are only just beginning to explore the world, people and their surroundings. Sophie Giraffe teething toys and Sophie Giraffe teething rings are perfect as a first toy for babies of this age.

Teething rings and teething animals by Sophie Giraffe are made of pure, natural rubber using vegetable dyes. Only the best and most natural is good enough for your little baby's delicate gums, where its first little teeth are about to pop up. The teething toy stimulates your baby and helps soothe irritated gums during teething, which is why it’s good to have on hand during the first few years, when most baby teeth come through.

Baby equipment and baby care from Sophie Giraffe

Although the Sophie la Girafe teething toy is the centre of the Sophie Giraffe universe, the brand is gradually venturing into new and unexplored territory. Lovely care products like creams, baby oils and shampoo, as well as various baby toys and baby tableware are now in our range from Sophie Giraffe, and the range is constantly growing as the brand develops and explores new avenues in terms of design and products for your baby.

In any case you can look forward to having Sophie Giraffe as a loyal companion to your child for the next few years, as we have no doubt that you’ll be seeing much more of Sophie Giraffe in the future.

Buy Sophie Giraffe online at Luksusbaby

At Luksusbaby, we want to be your favourite place to buy baby clothes and equipment online, which we ensure by stocking a great selection of the best brands on the market. There are lots of good reasons to buy Sophie Giraffe online at Luksusbaby, and we look forward to receiving your order and packing it up with lots of love.


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