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Sylvanian Families® Sheep Family

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Sylvanian Families' The Sheep family likes to stay in its orchard. Father Ewan Dale is a musician. He composes songs and always looks for opportunities to build musical instruments wherever he is.. He has also explained to the children how to make musical instruments. Then they gave a joint concert with their handmade musical instruments. Barbara Dale is a calm and ladylike mother. She is not very talkative. But as soon as she explains to the children how to put on a play with handmade puppets, she really comes alive. Barbara Dale is a true expert in all kinds of fruit trees. Her busiest times are late fall and spring when she prunes all the trees in the orchard. Son Winton Dale loves helping his mother and father in the orchard. He would rather take care of the campfire. But before he can light it, he has to tear up all the leaves and branches on the ground, which he doesn't think is very funny. However, he is always very thorough, because he knows that the more he collects, the bigger the campfire will be! The daughter Lona Dale has the most important task, namely picking up all the fruits and sorting them. She likes this task much better than going to school because she can snack to her heart's content without a teacher telling her it's not allowed. The figure set contains mother, father, daughter and son. The heads, arms and legs of the figures are movable. Their clothes can be taken off and on. The velvety figures in Sylvanian Families' Family Sheep are between 6 and 8 cm tall and suitable for children aged three and over.
  • From 3 years
  • Remember to follow the washing and use instructions
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