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Zebla Impregnation Wash 500 ml

  • In stock 
  • 24,14EUR
  • 500 ml

Protect Your Clothes from Water and Stains with Zebla Wash-In Impregnation

Zebla Wash-In Impregnation is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your clothes against unexpected rain showers, spilled beverages, and stains. This impressive formula allows you to transform your regular garments into water-repellent attire with ease.

The greatest advantage of Zebla Wash-In Impregnation is its convenience. You don't need to invest in expensive waterproof clothing; instead, you can treat your favorite fabrics right at home. The product is easy to use. Simply add it to your washing machine along with your laundry, and it does the rest of the work.

After washing, you'll notice a remarkable improvement in your clothes' ability to repel water and stains. Zebla Wash-In Impregnation leaves no visible traces or alters the color or texture of your garments. Your clothes will remain breathable and retain their original appearance.

With 500 ml of product, you'll have enough for many laundry loads, making Zebla Wash-In Impregnation an economical and practical solution. It's suitable for all types of fabrics, including jackets, pants, shirts, and even your favorite sneakers.

Protect your clothes and your appearance with Zebla Wash-In Impregnation. Forget about wet and stained clothing, and be prepared for all kinds of weather and challenges with this fantastic product.

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